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Spotlight Series: FELICIA MURRAY

Felicia Murray Designs

On this week’s Spotlight Series, we learned about Felicia Murray, a sophomore Fibers student at Savannah College of Art and Design.  She is full of life, creativity, and tons of talent! Although she started off majoring in Fashion Design, she switched to Fibers recently, and offers a unique perspective on the world of textiles and how it impacts the creative world. Take a look at our exclusive interview with Felicia as she talks about her experience at SCAD, what a Fibers major entails, and some of her favorite work.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Did you always want to be in fashion?

My name is Felicia Murray, and I am a Fibers major at SCAD. I originally was interested in fashion because of my sewing skills, but then decided that it was the art of fabric and textiles that I was interested in more than trend forecasting and design. I’ve been interested in textiles ever since I was younger and began learning about the Alpaca industry-weaving, spinning, dyeing, etc., and found a love for it again when I came to SCAD.

You are a Fashion Fibers major! Sounds very cool! Can you tell us what Fibers is? What skills do you learn?

Fibers is everything from Surface Design and Printmaking to Textile Design and Weaving. The list goes on and on of what we learn in Fibers. The surface design aspect is more commercial, as you are learning repeat patterns and how to print on fabric, while the Textile design aspect is more hands-on and creative for a more art based career. I think that this major is a great combination between the two aspects, as you learn to have a creative outlook on commercial products, which will score you the job with companies in the end!

Stamp carving Felicia did by hand took 3 hours!

Applying the stamp on to fabric.

What is the most interesting part of Fibers that you didn’t realize beforehand?

I didn’t realize that it was a major at SCAD, and that it is a major that you can actually find a job with. There are so many different ways that you can go with this career, that there are so many jobs available, whether it be in fashion, interior, or something else!

What is your favorite garment or pattern you have created so far?

I am more involved with learning techniques and processes for now, but hope to create art from these techniques in the future. I would say the garment that I am most proud of is the ball gown that I made for myself that was fully hand beaded. I learned so much about hand beading, stitching, and applique, that has now given me a new love for embroidery.

Any special projects you are working on now?

I have been doing a lot of single strand projects (crochet, knitting, embroidery, macramé) as I love the idea that you can make a garment or a piece of art from a single strand. I have been experimenting with the many different ways that I could incorporate this into a garment, an interior piece, or even an installation

Can you tell us what it’s like to be in the fashion program at SCAD?

As a member of the Fibers program at SCAD, I love being surrounded by all sorts of creative people. Everyone is so free-spirited and friendly.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashionistas?

Be different, but be you.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is art. People should look at a garment the same way that they look at a painting or a piece of art in a museum.

We love how diverse the fashion industry is, and how many facets of the industry there are to go into! Felicia’s radiant personality and bright outlook on life are just some of the things that make her so unique and talented. Be sure to check out her Instagram and Website for the latest designs and updates!

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