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DIY Spikes & Pearls Collar

Here’s a DIY to give a plain collar shirt a fresh look. I’m using gold & silver spikes + pearls to give it a cool contrast between edgy and feminine.

If you choose to sew be sure to get the spikes and pearls with holes in them.  I found these sew-on spikes on and you can easily pick up a string of pearls from a local thrift shop.

I am choosing to hand sew the spikes and pearls so that in the future I can remove them if I want to. Alternatively you could glue them on using the e6000 adhesive or get the iron-on studs.  If you decide to glue or iron it will go much faster, but once you do they are on forever!

I start by sewing on the all of the spikes – alternating gold and silver.

Go through at least twice to secure them well – finish by knotting the thread on the underside of your collar.

Here it is with just the spikes…

Then add the pearls! Sewing them on the same way…