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DIY Fringe Bag

Fringe is definitely having a moment. We’ve seen it on the runways, in everyday street style and of course at the festivals. To me this look symbolizes the free spirit in all of us, which is why I love it so much!

Fringe Skirt Marie Claire

FW street style

Coachella by Harpers Bazaar

Coachella by Harpers Bazaar

Celeb street style

Michael Kors

Fashion Week Street Style by The Zoe Report

So in the spirit of the everyday fashionistas, designer supermodels and festival bohemians, here’s an easy DIY fringe bag to add to your closet!

Here’s what you need: Bag (I found this one at H&M for $10), suede or leather, scissors, tape measure, e6000 glue.

Take measurements: For handbags it’s better to measure in centimeters because it will be more exact. For the top of your bag take the exact measurement. Then hang your tape measure at the center to get the desired length of your fringe. I want mine to be longer than the bag so I’m going with 10″ or 25.5 cm.

Cut the suede or leather: 18″ X 10″ (45.7 cm wide X 25.5 cm high). To start I cut it as one piece by adding the width together (18″ or 45.7 cm).

Then cut the width in half to get 9″ or 22.9 cm each.

Cut your fringe about 1/4″ each. Leave approximately 1 inch at the top.

On the opposite side, apply e6000 glue across the top leaving a little border. This is so the glue will not leak out when you put the piece on your bag.

Now just place the piece on to your bag wherever you want it. Press it down along edge where the glue is to secure it. It will only take a couple of minutes to dry and you’re done!


DIY Fringe Bag

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