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DIY Bee Cocktail Ring

DIY Bee Cocktail Ring

Here are the bead shapes you’ll need. I got these from Toho Shoji in the Garment District in NYC. You can see what they have available on their website and email them for your order.  Otherwise, there are several sites that sell all kinds of different beads directly such as Rio GrandeEmbellishment, etc.

And you’ll need a blank ring with pad. You can also order this on any of the sites I mentioned.

You’ll also need a metal sheet to make a base if your ring pad is not large enough to hold all of your beads – I got this pack of metal sheets from DaVinci Art Supply. You can also find it at your local hardware or art & crafting store.  Grab your scissors and e6000 glue too!

Cut a small oval shape out of metal sheet.

Here it is…

Glue the 2 teardrop shapes together to make the wings.

The largest oval bead glued to the metal piece.

Glue the rectangle piece above the oval for the head.

Now attach the wings.

Glue the 2 smallest pieces at the top.

And attach the ring on to the back.


DIY Bee Cocktail Ring

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